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Summer 2020 Update

Summer holidays are over, and we are back at creating the new normal.

This summer has been very special. We have learned to appreciate the adventures that are close to our homes, as we skipped holidays to far-away destinations.

We put the emphasis on our family and as a Norwegian financial magazine called it “the new status symbol is spending time with family”.

During the past months, we have re-fined our concepts to respond to changing customer needs and the demand for safe, convenient and sustainable fashion options. During summer, we have seen our efforts starting to pay off.

We have experienced a growth in revenue by 160% during the Corona lockdown. This led to us expecting that the growth would slow down in June and July due to summer holidays. We couldn’t have been more wrong.

In June, our revenue grew by over 55% (MoM), while it increased by over 72% in July (MoM) which allows us to have a positive outlook to August.

While we are happy about the high growth, we are almost happier to see the increasing share of returning customers. This indicates that our value proposition is gaining loyal customers and reaching the untapped market.