Saleabl x Minikids: How we create value for retailers and customers

The clothes that we own have a value, but we rarely use it. Did you know that 92% of Norwegians like the idea of selling their used clothes, but 59% never do it because it is a hassle? This means that our closets are filled with value that we are not using. 

This is the reason why we have launched our “swap something old for something new” concept on Saleabl.

It is super simple: 

In this concept, we are working with retailers. Their customers have the chance of selling their used children’s clothing to us in an instant and get paid in a voucher from our partner store to buy something they like. This way, we are activating the value that is hidden in people’s closet, increase their purchasing power and extend the lifetime of clothing.

We are closing the loop by offering the items that we buy on our secondhand platform Waior, where parents can buy or rent the quality items. 

This partnership comes with many advantages for everyone involved:

  • Customers can sell their children’s clothing instantly and send them in for free so there is no need for negotiations on marketplaces, taking pictures or creating ads.
  • Customers are able to easily increase their purchasing power by exchanging outgrown clothing for vouchers to buy something they like.
  • Stores have the chance of participating in the circular economy and also profit from the hidden value of unworn clothing.
  • We are able to get in touch with customers who are exactly in our target group. 

One of our partner stores is Minikids, one of Norway’s biggest online store for children’s clothes and they explain our partnership like this: