Finansavisen: The impact of Corona on Trusted Brands’ concepts Waior and Saleabl

Corona has shaken our world and we, as business and private people, have been forced to change our habits.

Back in March, we had just joined Katapult Accelerator and moved into their premises. During the first days, the world changed. Our priority moved from networking and learning from some of the best impact startups worldwide to creating a strategy to navigate the crisis.

We realized in order to survive, we had to get creative and execute decisively. Within a few days, we created and executed on new partnerships and launched an even better product by focusing on the core and on what our customers really needed in that moment.

The hard work has paid off and we are happy to announce that we doubled our revenue during Corona, managed to keep our 320% mark-up and move 50% of our stock within a month, while getting 20% of our customers to return and trade with us. We have seen how this crisis has accelerated our growth and the change in habits.

The past weeks have made us realize ways to navigate changing landscapes and that every crisis is an opportunity that we have to grab in order to create an impactful business and to make our mark on the world.

It has also provided us with some valuable lessons on us as a team. Extreme situations reveal the true character of everyone involved. We were lucky to realize that the complementary personalities, expertise and experiences of our team have allowed us to grow and solve challenges together, while distributing tasks in new ways. This makes us feel confident to be able to tackle any challenge on our way ahead. It might not always be easy but we will be able to conquer them as a team.

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