About Trusted Brands

While 92% of all Norwegians are positive to selling their used clothes, 59% never or rarely do it due to it being a hassle, time-consuming and annoying.

We recover these items with our re-commerce platform which makes selling, renting and buying second hand easy, fast and predictable. Our processes contain instant purchase, sales and rental options, eliminating all hassle, negotiations and waiting time. We use machine learning and AI to create a dynamic pricing system which aims at matching supply and demand perfectly to generate a quick turnover and an extended lifetime of clothing. 

Our focus is on creating products that people love and on providing the best customer experience. On this journey, we are not only developing smooth solutions but are also attaching partners to us who have the same focus: solving real problems in an engaging way.  

The intuitive and easy value proposition has led to a stable growth of over 40% monthly in our distribution channels in the past months.